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Vancouver Opera In Schools is one of the largest opera touring programs of its kind in Canada. Started over 40 years ago, VOIS maintains a tradition of professional opera performances in schools throughout British Columbia.

Each season, VOIS introduces the power and beauty of opera to children and their families in schools and community venues across BC. These fully staged operas are adapted into English and are performed by an energetic cast of professional singers with full sets, costumes and piano accompaniment.




The Barber of Barkerville

Adaptation for Vancouver Opera by Ann Hodges
Based on The Barber of Seville by Gioachino Rossini

One of the worl's most famous operas, Rossini's comic masterpiece The Barber of Barkerville has been set in BC's historic Barkerville during the exciting Gold Rush era to become The Barber of Barkerville.

This must-see production is filled with laughter, charm, and some of opera's most memorable music. Figaro, a crafty and mischevious barber uses trickery and disguise to help Al, a love-struck young man, liberate the beautiful Rosie from the clutches of the dastardly innkeeper, Bart.

If you're a teacher, administrator or parent and would like Vancouver Opera In Schools (VOIS) to visit your school, please contact Melissa Tsang, VOIS Manager at 604-682-2871 ext. 4835 or by email.


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Way back in the Cariboo Gold Rush, a little more than 150 years ago, thousands of fortune-seekers travelled from all over the world to Barkerville in the hopes of striking it rich.

Rosie and Al were two of those fortune-seekers and it was love at first sight when they met on their way to Barkerville. When we begin our story Rosie is working as a pie baker in the Hotel Barkerville for a mean man called Bart deVille. Bart wants Rosie all for himself! And to make things worse, Rosie owes Bart money and has to keep working for him until she pays it all off... which could be a long time. How can Rosie and Al be together with Bart in the way?

Lucky for Al, there's someone who can help: Figaro, the greatest barber in the world! Not only can Figaro cut hair, he's very clever and nosy and can solve any problem. (And he doesn't hesitate to tell the world just how smart he is!)

Figaro promises to he help Al and disguises him as a constable. Al bursts into the hotel, makes a huge racket and creates a scene as Bart tries to throw him out. Figaro and Al keep Bart confused and busy long enough for Rosie to cook up a plan to get out and be with Al. Will the plan work? Will Rosie and Al be reunited? Watch out for hungry miners, mistaken identities and flying pies!

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Illustration by Danielle Jette

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