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The Composer of Another Brick in the Wall


Troubled by the fanaticism of the frenzied crowd at his concert, rock star Pink invites a fan to climb onto the stage and then spits in his face.

Devastated by his own actions, Pink collapses onto the stage. He is transported to a clinic where he begins the journey of witnessing the grand spectacle of his life. He relives his birth and pivotal moments in his childhood, as his father joins the war, leaving his wife and infant son behind, only to die at the front. He grows up with his overprotective mother and is mistreated at school by a tyrannical teacher who is in the service of a world that monitors its citizens and tries to control their thoughts. An initial revolt is quickly snuffed out.

At the end of his teen years, Pink marries a beautiful, free, and provocative woman, and is finally released from his mother's grip. Now a rich and famous rock star, Pink is inspired by his wife to isolate himself and compose a work that lashes out at the power of money. His wife takes to the streets to protest the financial world. Soon, a wedge is driven between Pink and his wife. While on tour, Pink gets high with the groupies who hang around him and obsesses over his wife's passionate antics with her lover. The rock star goes through moments of inner rage and depression, and is witness to the loss of his loves, rejecting all those with whom he could have some form of relationship. All his wounds and traumas have formed like bricks around him to create the wall that now isolates him from humanity. Pink is alone and bids the world goodbye.

Nathan Keoughan


Conductor: Leslie Dala

Concept and Stage Direction: Dominic Champagne

Choreographer: Geneviéve Dorion-Coupal

Set Designer: Stéphane Roy

Costume Designer: Marie-Chantale Vaillancourt

Video Designer: Johnny Ranger

Sound Designer: Louis Dufort

Stage Manager: Theresa Tsang

Assistant Stage Manager: Collette Berg

Assistant Stage Manager: Michelle Harrison


In order of vocal appearance

Nathan Keoughan as Pink

France Bellemare as The Mother

Caroline Bleau as The Wife

With the Vancouver Opera Chorus and the Vancouver Opera Orchestra.

Audience Advisory: This production contains adult themes including depictions of drug and alcohol use, sexual situations, and violence.