Giacomo Puccini's La Bohème

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Yoshiko Karasawa

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Martha Lou Henley, C.M.

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Mike & Kathy Gallagher


Conductor: Judith Yan

Director: Renaud Doucet

Scenic Designer / Costume Designer: André Barbe

Chorus Director / Associate Conductor: Leslie Dala

Stage Manager: Theresa Tsang

Lighting Designer: Guy Simard


In order of vocal appearance

Phillip Addis as Marcello

Ji-Min Park as Rodolfo

Neil Craighead as Colline

Geoffrey Schellenberg as Schaunard

France Bellemare as Mimi

Sharleen Joynt as Musetta

With the Vancouver Opera Chorus and the Vancouver Opera Orchestra.


In their Latin Quarter garret, the near-destitute artist Marcello and poet Rodolfo try to keep warm on Christmas Eve by feeding the stove with pages from Rodolfo’s latest drama. They are soon joined by their roommates—Colline, a philosopher, and Schaunard, a musician, who brings food, fuel, and funds he has collected from an eccentric nobleman. While they celebrate their unexpected fortune, the landlord, Benoit, comes to collect the rent. After getting the older man drunk, the friends urge him to tell of his flirtations, then throw him out in mock indignation at his infidelity to his wife. As the others depart to revel at the Café Momus, Rodolfo remains behind to finish an article, promising to join them later. There is another knock at the door—the visitor is Mimì, a pretty neighbor, whose candle has gone out in the stairwell. As she enters the room, she suddenly feels faint. Rodolfo gives her a sip of wine, then helps her to the door and relights her candle. Mimì realizes that she lost her key when she fainted, and as the two search for it, both candles go out. Rodolfo finds the key and slips it into his pocket. In the moonlight, he takes Mimì’s hand and tells her about his dreams. She recounts her life alone in a lofty garret, embroidering flowers and waiting for the spring. Rodolfo’s friends call from outside, telling him to join them. He responds that he is not alone and will be along shortly. Happy to have found each other, Mimì and Rodolfo leave, arm in arm, for the café.



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