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Seville. Count Almaviva comes in disguise to the house of Doctor Bartolo and serenades Rosina, whom Bartolo keeps confined to the house. Figaro the barber, who knows all the town’s secrets and scandals, explains to Almaviva that Rosina is Bartolo’s ward, not his daughter, and that the doctor intends to marry her. Figaro devises a plan: the count will disguise himself as a drunken soldier with orders to be quartered at Bartolo’s house so that he may gain access to Rosina. Almaviva is excited and Figaro looks forward to a nice cash pay-off.

Rosina reflects on the voice that has enchanted her and resolves to use her considerable wiles to meet the man it belongs to—as Almaviva has led her to believe, a poor student named Lindoro. Bartolo appears with Rosina’s music master, Don Basilio. Basilio warns Bartolo that Count Almaviva, who has made known his admiration for Rosina, has been seen in Seville. Bartolo decides to marry Rosina immediately. Basilio suggests slander as the most effective means of getting rid of Almaviva. Figaro, who has overheard the plot, warns Rosina and promises to deliver a note from her to Lindoro. Bartolo suspects that Rosina has indeed written a letter, but she outwits him at every turn. Bartolo warns her not to trifle with him.

Almaviva arrives, creating a ruckus in his disguise as a drunken soldier, and secretly passes Rosina his own note. Bartolo is infuriated by the stranger’s behavior and noisily claims that he has an official exemption from billeting soldiers. Figaro announces that a crowd has gathered in the street, curious about the argument they hear coming from inside the house. The civil guard bursts in to arrest Almaviva, but when he secretly reveals his true identity to the captain he is instantly released. Everyone except Figaro is amazed by this turn of events.



Conductor: Nathan Brock

Director: Ashlie Corcoran

Associate Conductor / Chorus Director: Leslie Dala

Set Designer: Ken MacDonald

Lighting Designer: Kimberley Purtell

Costume Designer: Dana Osborne

Stage Manager: Theresa Tsang

Principal Répétiteur / Assistant Chorus Director: Kinza Tyrrell

Musical Preparation: Tina Chang

Musical Preparation: Andrea Van Pelt

Assistant Director: Amanda Testini

Assistant Stage Manager: Collette Berg

Assistant Stage Manager: Michelle Harrison


In order of vocal appearance

Edward Nelson as Figaro

Julie Boulianne as Rosina

Isaiah Bell as Count Almaviva

Thomas Goerz as Dr. Bartolo

Taehyun Jun as Don Basilio

Gena van Oosten as Berta

Nicholas Borg as Fiorello

With the Vancouver Opera Chorus and the Vancouver Opera Orchestra.