Voices of the Solstice: A National Indigenous Day Event Date: June 21, 2024 Time: 8:00 PM Venue: Martha Lou Henley Rehearsal Hall, 1955 McLean Dr, Vancouver, BC V5N 3J7 Hosted by: Renaee Morriseau Featuring:

  • M’Girl

  • Russell Wallace

  • musica intima

Join us at Vancouver Opera for a unique celebration in honor of National Indigenous People’s Day. "Voices of the Solstice" is not just a concert but a space for discovery and understanding through an exchange of musical practices and cultures. Experience the harmonious blend of indigenous traditions and contemporary vocal artistry as we celebrate the solstice together. Vancouver Opera is proud to present “Voices of the Solstice: A National Indigenous Day Event,” an evening of musical and cultural exchange in honor of National Indigenous People’s Day. This special event will take place on June 21 at 8:00 PM in the Martha Lou Henley Rehearsal Hall. Performer Biographies: Renaee Morriseau (Host): Renaee Morriseau is a Cree-Saulteaux artist, actor, director, and cultural consultant from the Peguis First Nation in Manitoba. With a career spanning film, television, and theatre, Renaee is a respected voice in the Indigenous arts community. She is known for her work in productions like "The Rez Sisters" and her involvement in community storytelling projects. M’Girl: M’Girl is an Indigenous women’s ensemble that performs contemporary and traditional songs celebrating the cultural stories of the members’ Nations. Their music features lush harmonies and powerful rhythms, reflecting the beauty and resilience of Indigenous cultures. M’Girl has performed at numerous festivals and cultural events, sharing their message of healing and community through music. Russell Wallace: Russell Wallace is an award-winning composer, producer, and traditional singer from the Lil’wat Nation. His music ranges from contemporary compositions to traditional songs, and he has contributed to various projects in film, television, and theatre. Russell’s storytelling through music is deeply rooted in his Indigenous heritage, and he is dedicated to preserving and promoting Indigenous culture through his art. musica intima: musica intima is a renowned vocal ensemble based in Vancouver, known for their exquisite a cappella performances and innovative programming. The ensemble consists of 12 professional singers who collaborate to create dynamic and emotionally powerful performances. Their repertoire spans classical, contemporary, and Indigenous works, and they are celebrated for their commitment to artistic excellence and community engagement. About VOICES: A Free Concert Series supported by TD: VOICES: A Free Concert Series supported by TD is dedicated to showcasing diverse and underrepresented voices in the world of opera and musical performance. This series aims to create a platform for cultural exchange, understanding, and celebration through unique and powerful performances. Each event in the VOICES series is designed to engage the community, promote inclusivity, and highlight the rich tapestry of global musical traditions.