Join us in our inaugural 2023-24 season for "VOICES: Free Concert Series", a pioneering program by Vancouver Opera, generously supported by TD. This annual series offers a vibrant array of free performances, embracing opera, music, theatre, and related art forms. Our commitment is to create a nurturing, inclusive environment right at the heart of Vancouver - the Michael and Inna O’Brian Centre. VOICES is more than just a concert series; it's a movement towards inclusivity and representation. Our focus is on amplifying the talents of artists and creators from historically underrepresented communities, including those who identify as Queer, differently abled, and BIPOC. We believe in diversifying the faces you see on stage and the minds working behind the scenes. Our goal? To show every Vancouverite that they have a place in the world of opera and the arts. Come, be a part of this cultural tapestry. Witness the unfolding of stories untold and voices unheard, in a space where everyone is welcome and every voice is celebrated.


VOICES Free Concert Series Sponsor

Vancouver Opera’s Voices Free Concert Series is made possible through generous support from the TD Ready Commitment
Additional Support from Canada Council for the Arts’